Usually hamster’s hair color is brown, yellow, golden, or ivory. But this one is different: there’s an enchanting rainbow on his hair! But Gilly doesn’t like it at all. He hopes the ardor crystal can fulfill his wish—normal color like any other hamsters. Can he find the ardor crystal? Can he be normal? Find the answer in this book!

 Bulu para hamster biasanya berwarna coklat, kuning, keemasan, ataupun putih. Namun hamster yang satu ini berbeda: bulunya berwarna pelangi! Namun Gilly tidak menyukainya sama sekali. Ia berharap kristal keinginan mau mengabulkan keinginanannya—warna bulu normal seperti hamster lainnya. Berhasilkah Gilly menemukan kristal keinginan? Bisakah ia menjadi normal kembali? Temukan jawabannya di buku ini!

Judul: Gilly the Rainbow Hamster | Penulis: Selviya Hanna | Ilustrator: Okko W | Tata Letak: Stella Pong | Tahun terbit: 2010 | 24 halaman, full color | 28 x22 cm

Published by Selviya Hanna

An editor, translator (Eng-Indo), and author who lives in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Feel free to contact me if you need my services. Have a blessed day!

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