Iwan Munandar, Founder of Lintas Makna Translation

“I am pleased to offer this personal and professional reference for Selviya for your consideration. I have retained Selviya’s services to assist in the translation from English into Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), or vice versa, of a variety of materials. She possesses special expertise in such subjects as business, tourism, marketing, and mass media. She is also capable of translating and editing materials on education and management.

In all instances, I found Selviya to be professional and efficient and her translation or editing works were of high quality. I was particularly pleased with her rich and imaginative diction as well as her creative approaches to sentence structures. Rather than pick the first (and perhaps the easiest) translation of a word or phrase, she maintained the cadence and rhythm of the original, and always went the extra mile to seek out only the best.

Selviya is a very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning. She always delivered within the required time frame and met the requirements at all times.

I can without hesitation recommend her for any translating or editing job that requires a true, accurate and complete rendering of the original text, that is either in English or Bahasa Indonesia.”


Firman Firdaus, Editor of National Geographic/
National Geographic Traveler Indonesia

“At the moment, Selviya is the main freelance translator of National Geographic Traveler Magazine – Indonesia. She has also translated several features on Paul Salopek’s journey (Out of Eden) for National Geographic Indonesia’s website.

As you may know, National Geographic Traveler – Indonesia takes great pride in its international reputation and top-notch content quality. Therefore, our translators are bound to meet the standard, and Selviya exceeds our expectation most of the times! In translating our articles, she always chooses the words (diction) and the idioms creatively and wisely. Her language sensitivity is remarkable and she never fails to convey the mood and the tone of the original writer when she translates into Indonesian language.

In addition, Selviya is respectful of deadlines. She fully understands that National Geographic Magazine Indonesia is a media company with strict deadlines and time management. I’ve never met her in person but I can sense that she is a good person.”


Stella Pongsitanan, Public Affairs Section of US Embassy in Indonesia 

“I have gladly used Selviya’s language expertise to translate a photography essay on funeral ceremony in Toraja (collaborating with a photographer). Her translation was so good that I recommended her services to the procurement section of Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership. She is also capable of communicating the message and information accurately to my readers. Her diction is exceptionally rich and the transition from one sentence to another flow smoothly and is pleasing to read.

When we were working together, Selviya was communicative and provided us with valuable insights. She never had a problem with the deadline because she always delivered on time. On the top of that, Selviya is an excellent English-Indonesian linguist and has been a pleasure to work with. She is always my first choice should I need translation services from English to Indonesian language or vice versa.”

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